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Thread: Factory ALS for the IX

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    Factory ALS for the IX

    Googling, I found a thread of someone that got a JDM ALS system working on a USDM Spec IX. After creating an account and logging in, for the life of me searching I can't find the thread. Can anyone PLEASE direct me to the owner of the car? I have an entire JDM ALS kit I bought years ago, but I don't have the right ECU to run it, needs to be JDM. Hoping for all hope that he can get me a serial #/part # off the ECU so I can finally order one and get it installed on my racecar. I've had the parts for a few years, but sans ECU, which gets really confusing trying to get the MIVEC ECU from overseas. It's been an epic hunt.

    PFA of my racecar

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    Good luck!

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