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    Engine Builders Advice

    Hey Guys,

    Anyone have experience with Tuning Technologies building their motors, specifically a 2.3 stroker? I wanted RRE to build it but they won't unless they take the motor out and install themselves. Just spent the last 3 days removing the motor from the engine bay. Now I need to find a different shop to build it. Disappointed and stressed is an understatement.

    Or if you recommend a specific shop, I'm all ears.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did you see this thread?

    Also, Costa Mesa R&D is capable of good work, but I know some people who've had great experiences, and others who haven't.

    DSport magazine has "Club DSport Engine Development", or something like that. They are not cheap and they're a little picky about what they work on, but maybe it's worth investigating at least. Essentially, when Cosworth USA closed their doors, DSport bought their equipment and hired some of their staff. Magnus over there really knows his craft. They built a motor for us...pretty impressive operation they have there.

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    We prefer complete control over the install and start up. It works out better for everyone that way with the full accountability. And when presented with a basket case of torn down parts it takes longer to put together than people want to pay for.

    Mike W

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