Forgive me in advance for not knowing all the proper terms, but I could really use some help from all the knowledgeable users here.


So I have 2012 Evo X.

I installed a MAP External Dump Downpipe O2 Eliminator.

I did not notice it at first, but there was a rattle coming from the car.

I checked the heat shield, the bolts, washers, everything that I had touched during the installation.

I ended up putting my car on a lift and checking the sound myself after a few exhaust shops could not figure out what was wrong.

So what I had found was that the rattling sound was coming from the O2 dump pipe.

When I covered the exit for the O2 the sound.rattle went away.

I have tried to research before asking here and no thread I can find seems to have the same problem.

The car was tuned after the install and came out really great, it's just the sound that is killing me everyday.

So if the sounds is coming from the O2 pipe, is there something loose on the wastegate or another component?

I remember when I had the down pipe off there was this little flap attached to a long spring that I may have not put back properly.

Is there a way to fix that IF it is the problem?

Do I need to remove the downpipe again and take a look or can I adjust it without removal?

Really appreciate all the help I can get!