I have done the double din conversion for my evo ix, and did HVAC relocation. Recently went in for the airbag recall, and afterward, i see my side vent wasn't put in correctly, my cluster light was dimmed, and two of my HVAC control doesn't works anymore.
Took it back to the dealership, they fixed the vent, but not the cluster light, and they showed me a picture of inside and told me there is no way the cable for HVAC would reached, and basically called me a liar that for stating that it was working before.

I called mitsu and they are siding with the dealership, the person basically said you modded your car, you are shit out of luck. But my argument is if you want to perform the recall, go for it, but put everything back the way it was before.
Now they didn't, it should be their responsibility of fixing it and not me.

But it doesn't looks like they want anything to do with me, am I SOL ?