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Thread: Why should I buy an iPhone?

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    Why should I buy an iPhone?

    The iPhone is the most secure phone on the planet. It is also the easiest to use. I want the iPhone because it is almost impossible for it to get a virus or malware of any kind. Also, the operating system does not get in the way of what I want to do.
    Just today I saw an employee of mine struggle to do something on their Android phone. Another employee came up to help him by showing him how to do it on the iPhone. Took about 10 seconds. The guy using the Android took over two minutes to figure out how to do the exact same thing.
    So how much is your time worth? If you think your time is free, then sure get an Android. If not, an iPhone is well worth the money. And don't buy into the argument that an iPhone is a status symbol. Some people might think it is, but they are wrong. An iPhone is a tool, just like any other piece of technology. You use it as a tool. It has nothing to do with being rich or being one of the "cool" kids.
    Why should I buy an iPhone?
    I have use GBWhatsapp app and I think this is one of the best app.

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