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Thread: Nano ceramic coating is perfect to car paint?

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    Nano ceramic coating is perfect to car paint?

    Stop misleading Nano Ceramic Coating
    (Vedio link https://youtube/zv7NPcUndYk )

    Nano ceramic coating is perfect? No, donít be mislead by some ads. They are surely exaggerating it to you. But remember, Nano ceramic coating is only one kind of chemical formula, it is not the God product.

    The truth 1
    For nano ceramic coating against to scratch
    Yes, it is correct if you choose one good quality nano ceramic coating and apply in right way, then it can do great protection to your car pain to against some scratch by lighter or rock chip. As these scratch from fire lighter or rock chip are really smooth, it only can damage to the bond of nano coating, it will not damage to your car paint.

    However, it doesnít mean nano ceramic coating can 100% protection to against all scratch. You can image if by some strong rocks, your car will be assumedly transshape.

    Therefore, please kind in your mind that only scratch by some pliable or soft products can be protected by nano ceramic coating.
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