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Thread: Hello from France ... and happy new year

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    Hello from France ... and happy new year

    Hi guys,
    I’m Alexis, I live in France.
    I own an Evo 6 RS2 LHD for almost 12 years now.

    fun fact : I finally register to this forum because I follow a YouTube channel run by a moped specialist working in L.A (a real car enthusiast too).
    search : Tomahawktuning on YT

    only a few engine bolts on for the moment :
    - full 3’’ TBE
    - KN big intake
    - HKS IC kit
    - GM 3 port
    - walbro 255 pump
    - Zeitonix ZT2 (AFR, Boost, EGT, oil press)

    - run on USDM evo8 ecu with 96530706 Tephra v7, home and street tuned on 98 Ron EU.

    I’m currentlt building a new engine on a JDM Evo 8 engine.
    I working on the short block :

    - eagle 94 mm crank
    - Manley T Tuff rods
    - Manley 85.5 pistons
    - king main and rod bearing
    - block modification for oil supply enhancement
    - balance shaft delete
    - etc ....

    Will update and try to present the car soon...

    cheers and happy new year :-))) ��������

    don’t flame me on the pic, just a try ��
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    Happy New Year!
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