So I really love this car ever since like the age of 15 I have always loved it. Now that I am finally in the position to buy one I have been looking at other options and I am really torn as to what to go with.

Some cars I have been looking at are Evo X, STI, the new 400z, 350z, 370z, Golf R, Audi S5 It is a wide range of cars that I like but don't know what I should go with. My heart is set on the evo but I don't want to make a mistake.

I am from Canada so preferably I want something to use in the winter and summer.

Looking at sporty cars as you can probably tell but something I can also daily. I know the Evo is probably the worst daily on this list but I am willing to put up with the 5 speed sitting at 3500-4000 rpm on the hwy, the terrible gas mileage, and apparently uncomfortable recaro's?

I honestly do not know what I should go with. Every car on that list other than the new 400z I see in my neighbourhood or on my day to day commute to work. The one car I never really see is the evo. Now I do not know if that's a good thing or bad thing. Does that mean that nobody buys them?

I also want it to be somewhat reliable, I found a evo x for like $35k CAD with slight mods done to it like exhaust, short shifter, and I think a different diffuser would that be alright? Or is it best to find one stock? If so does anyone know were to? It is impossible to find one stock lol.

Also, I watched a youtube video of someone talking about how dealers buy modded evos thinking it is stock and then they sell it to the buyer which has no idea the car has been tampered with, how can I go about not having this happen to me. Do I just look for clues and also know how the stock evo is meant to look like?

The main thing that I want out of the car is reliability, with some speed. I honestly do not mind the dated interior, as long as I can play my tunes and drive I am good.

I talked to some of my friends, and they had told me why would I spend 30-40k CAD on something dated and old when I can get the golf r or the 400z given that it doesn't sell out in 1 day.

Would it be a good idea to buy a RWD car (400z, 350z, 370z) and use it in the snow? Or is it harder to control? I only have owned a FWD car but never really had big issues. Sure I got stuck many times and lost traction a few times but nothing major.

Also, Is it hard to find OEM parts for the evo? Is maintenance more expensive? Or about the same as any other sports car? I am coming from a base model sentra but I know maintenance is more important and frequent. I am mechanically inclined and can work on things myself and don't really rely on a mechanic.

that being said, if you were in my shoes what would you get? A car that is reliable, fast, can use all year round, and fun.

Sorry for the long post, but I honestly have no idea. Anything is appreciated thank you