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Thread: Do you use the solar system?

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    Do you use the solar system?

    I use Renogy 400W What I liked: The panels were easy to install. I was able to I stall them while camping. I used the drill method so I did use plenty of the dicor lap sealant to seal up the holes. The panels themselves seem pretty sturdy.
    What I didn't like with the kit. I made a terrible assumption that this kit had everything I needed. This coupled with installing it while camping made for a mess. You will likely need additional mc4 extension cables if you get 4 panels. You will not be able to hook up all of them unless you can orient your panels in one specific way. This meant that I operated on only 2 of the 4 panels that were installed. I essentially missed out on half my power because of a $10 cable that I would have happily paid for.
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    Semper Solaris?
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    Na bro i'm not using solar for now but maybe in upcoming days, cuz i'm thinking about it

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